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apparel printing

custom apparel

Industry Print Solutions provides low-cost options for Direct to Garment (DTG) printing. Working with the latest and leading printing technologies, IPS has aced DTG printing across multiple fabrics and styles. Now, photographic images and
color-rich designs are available for print, without the hassle of supply reserve. DTG is perfect for small batch and individual tee-shirt and apparel printing needs.  Using specialty inks and cutting-edge technology, your artwork can come to life at an affordable price. Printing your own shirt has never been this effortless.

heat transfer vinyl

Our standard heat transfer vinyl (known as Color print PU) is a polyester vinyl film that gets cut onto our Graphtec. The printed vinyl can be applied to the following blends:

100% cotton, Poly/cotton blends, 100% polyester, Leather, Lyrca®/spandex

Printed heat transfer vinyl

Our printed heat transfer vinyl is similar to the color print except we print on large format, cut onto our Graphtec, and then weed away the excess. This is applied to the same blends as above.

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Screen printing

Use our Custom Screen Printing for multi-color images and designs. This technique works best when you are ordering a small volume of apparel and accessories.

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The dye-sublimation process uses heat to transfer dye onto materials such as a plastic, card, paper, or fabric. The sublimation name was first applied because the dye was considered to make the transition between the solid and gas states without going through a liquid stage.

Using our dye sublimation, one-off apparel process, everything from t-shirts and jerseys to handbags and baseball caps is a possibility. The eye-catching and ever-growing popularity of dye sublimation opens up new uses and opportunities in sports and fashion apparel.

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Whether you are just in the pre-planning stages of a new project or revamping an old one, we can help you save time and money if you include us in your team meeting.

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our brands

Our Signature Brands have evolved over the years, producing custom apparel and print for clients who desire their brands displayed prominently in the marketplace. Visit each of our Brand sites to learn more about how we achieve stellar results.