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the perfect stitch for your apparel

Our team of experts have over 64 years of professional experience. This experience along with creative drive is what pushes them to be the best. They are constantly exploring new methods and materials, learning and growing from their experiments. This allows them to take on advanced jobs and exceed expectations constantly.

Take your brand to the next level and embroider with IPS.

Custom embroidery

IPS Embroidery machine for custom embroidery

unique methods

Creating something unique is what drives us. We strive to differentiate brands with bespoke solutions to elevate your brand.

3D (Puff)

3D embroidery is a style that features a large extruded style that creates a bold and unique look for any logo.


Dimensional embroidery adds a layer of dimension without adding the full thickness of Puff. It grabs your eye and makes you take another look.


Textural embroidery creates eye-catching realism that makes any piece stand out from the rest.


Hand embroidery is a unique style that creates a vintage quality look.


Patches allow for the most versatility. Putting your logo on just about anything at any time.


Multi-Hoop allows for large format embroidery that allows you to fully cover large surfaces like the table shown above.

Types of thread

We have an enormous collection of thread on-hand, allowing us to color match to any of your design needs. Not only do we feature color, but other types of thread as well. These threads create something with a completly unique look.

Variety of threads to chose from: Reflective, Metallic, Standard, Twisted Tweed, Neon
Custom Golf Bag

Golf bags

A custom golf bag is a great way to seperate your bag from the rest! We often do custom logos as well as names. A great gift or way to show team spirit!

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