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IPS believes that the visual elements of design can strengthen and communicate in a way that is just as persuasive as the written word. This strength can be recognized in the marketing and sales support materials we develop for our clients.
This is why we can also determine the method of printing required to bring the written word and graphic design to fruition.

Using line, tone, color, texture, shape, size, and direction, IPS artists, graphic designers, and illustrators use the function of design to produce visually magnetic, compelling, and enduring images … while contributing to achievement of your marketing objectives.  


Images, style, color, size, and choice of paper will make the difference with your clientele and keep them coming back.

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Marketing materials

Marketing materials can be designed with many different formats to choose from depending on the amount of information presented. Our graphic
designers may use original artwork provided, new design creations, or illustrations to compliment the written word.

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business cards

There are a thousand ways to have a business card designed. Some are designed with the corporate brand in mind, some are designed to present a wow factor… it is up to you to formulate the identity that you want presented to your customers.

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Brand identity

Your brand identity is all about recognition… your logo, your logo colors, your brand style,
and even the paper you choose to present your corporate branded materials.


Yearbooks are a keepsake and are meant to be memorable and withstand the test of time. You can trust IPS to deliver not only the best yearbook designs, but a well crafted printed book that will bring memories for years to come.


Whether you are just in the pre-planning stages of a new project or revamping an old one, we can help you save time and money if you include us in your team meeting.

Let us know what kind of help you need. We will have a Relationship Manager call you.

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our brands

Our Signature Brands have evolved over the years, producing custom apparel and print for clients who desire their brands displayed prominently in the marketplace. Visit each of our Brand sites to learn more about how we achieve stellar results.